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I'm bored,
I'm bored of this party,
I'm bored of these people,
Who talk like they've actually got words worth speaking,
While I sit alone with my intellect reeling ignored,
And bored.

I'm scared,
I'm scared of the fact that they act with no fear,
Like with every new thought comes a fresh new idea,
That a lifetime of my words could never come near,
Like I'm not even worthy to be here inhaling their air,
I'm scared.

I'm exhausted,
Exhausted like I am the only one talking,
Like it takes up all of my effort to stop them from falling,
Back into their lifeless exchanges,
Contorting back to their expressionless faces,
So warm and inviting yet somehow implying I've lost it,
I'm exhausted.

I'm dead,
I'm dead as a dodo,
Extinct if you must know,
Six foot below where all the flowers and grass photosynthesize sunlight,
I fertilize gob-shite,
Absolving to let the worms eat out my insides instead,
I'm dead.

I'm alive,
Alive at the sound of the voices outside,
That are laughing out loud at my pointless demise,
So I cough and I rage and I spit out my insides,
To ignite the world in such glorious sunlight,
So fresh to my eyes yet as old as the hillside I scale,
To laugh out loud at how I could ever of paled,
Such bright colours with ignorance trying to blame,
All the others - the innocents just as afraid,
As my self at the end of the day,
Of when you let yourself just get carried away,
By the no time but now and the no more to say,
When there's now what where how - there's just wave after wave,
Of Alive,
Alive, alive, alive, etc.

But now I'm bored,
I'm bored cus I stopped myself going too far,
Like who do I think I am? Some kind of a superstar?
I'm just a human,
Just flesh and bone just like before,
Bored bored bored bored,
Bored bored bored bored.


from Mental Illness isn't Funny, released December 16, 2016
Phil Ramsay on dying trumpet and creaking door.



all rights reserved


The Victor Pope Band Edinburgh, UK

The Victor Pope Band were formed at the arse end of 2012 from the remains of Ginger and the Tramp, Sabai and The Woods. So in a way they're a kind of supergroup. They have been described as quality quirky pop punk, post-punk and sounding a little bit like Jonathan Richman. But I prefer to describe them as Nerd Rock. The real question remains, however, who is Victor Pope...? ... more

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