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Everybody's crawling up the walls onto the ceiling,
There's an over dose in bucket loads of positive feeling,
All the guys (girls) are making music - getting their rocks off,
All the girls (guys) are loosing it and taking their clothes off,
Someone brought an elephant and painted him blue,
And on the doormat there's a diplomat from Timbuktu,
It's the party of the decade but you won't see me,
Cus I'll be stuck at home watching shit TV.

If I was more self assured I wouldn't care,
But at all the best parties I'm not there.

There's some shit being talked and some lines going round,
And everyone here is basically sound,
There's been no trouble - it's a safe little bubble,
It's a cosy excuse for an underground,
The music's nice - the girl's polite,
I'd give it a crack if they weren't somebody's wives,
But there's something missing,
Or something that should be,
That civilized, hypnotized, slightly below average guy - me.

Now maybe I'm being too hard on myself,
That self fulfilling prophecy doesn't help,
But everywhere I go things chill right out,
When I want people to scream and shout,
Now I've got attitude some of the time,
And I've got rhythm and I've got rhyme,
But maybe I'm just better off staying at home?
Playing on my PS3 and yanking my bone.


from Mental Illness isn't Funny, released December 16, 2016
Crowd noises by the people of Leith.



all rights reserved


The Victor Pope Band Edinburgh, UK

The Victor Pope Band were formed at the arse end of 2012 from the remains of Ginger and the Tramp, Sabai and The Woods. So in a way they're a kind of supergroup. They have been described as quality quirky pop punk, post-punk and sounding a little bit like Jonathan Richman. But I prefer to describe them as Nerd Rock. The real question remains, however, who is Victor Pope...? ... more

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